Which Yoga Tool can help me make a big decision?

August 10, 2017
Mosaic art by Isaiah Zagar of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

Good morning, Spiritual Surfers. I got a request from a member of the Spiritual Surfer Sangha, who asked which Yoga Tool would bring clarity on making a big decision.

A good Yoga Tool for this is Satya, or truth. When facing a big decision, you need to find your truth—what’s right for you, that will also cause the least harm to others. Finding Satya can be difficult, though, because the mind is busy sorting through every possible scenario.

Find your Satya in meditation. Sit comfortably, take a few deep breaths, and gently focus on your breathing for a moment or two.

Then, I like to use something I learned from Martha Beck when I was at the Oprah Magazine. While in meditation, think about choosing one path for your decision. Observe how your body feels. Elated? Heavy? Happy? Sick to your stomach? Overjoyed?

Release that with a deep breath. Now think of the other path for your decision. Note how your body feels. Relieved? Repelled?

The mind can be analytical, but if you want to get to your Satya, your truth, let your body show you the way. The mind and body are one, and they can’t lie to each other. Good luck with your decision.

Got a question about which Yoga Tool you need in a situation? Email me at info@suzancolon.net. Have a beautiful day, Spiritual Surfers.

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