Maitri Monday: How to have a happier week.

May 1, 2017

Good morning beautiful people. Here are a few ways to start your week off right and keep it balanced:

Think pink. Colors can induce different moods, and pink is known for its calming properties. All you have to do to become calmer is look at the color for a moment or two. Use these cherry blossoms as your screen saver so you can think your way  calm any time you want.

Breathe easy. Another great way to manage stress and bring about a sense of calm is with a Yoga breathing practice called Deergha Swasaam, or Deep 3-Part Breathing. For the simple instructions that you can do anytime, anywhere, read this.

Be kind to yourself. Mondays can be difficult—unless you practice Maitri, the Yoga Tool of kindness, with yourself. Read here for 4 quick tips how to treat yourself like your own best friend.

Get inspired. I recently read the beautiful At Home in the World, a series of essays by renowned Buddhist monk and teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. His life is impressive, and his lessons soothe and inspire. Perfect for these constantly shifting times. You can get the book here.

For more daily tips on happiness and Yoga Tools to help your divine light shine brighter, follow me on Instagram and Twitter, and visit the Spiritual Surfer Sangha on Facebook. And here’s some more Maitri (kindness) to start your Monday off right: Remember, the day is more beautiful for you being in it. You can help others to have a better day by shining your divine light on the world.

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