Now open: Tarot readings.

January 4, 2023

“What do you want?”

That’s the question a friend asked me when we met for coffee on the cusp of 2022 turning into 2023. We duly reviewed the outgoing year and started talking about what we wanted in the coming year. The answers proved surprisingly elusive. After a few years of world events led many of us to focus on gratitude for what we already had, how to articulate, even locate, what we want? Is it even okay to want more and better?

The answer to that is yes. I believe in being grateful for what I have and working to improve my life, which in turn helps me contribute to life. Still, that question—What do I want?—well, I heard the thinking theme song from Jeopardy in my head, but no real answers. I needed some extra help.

One of the ways I’ve been finding clarity on wants and goals is through the tarot. I’ve been reading cards on and off for decades, and lately, I have a new understanding of their meanings, which lead into their messages. The archetypes and symbology bring forth inspiration and uncover ideas that have been laying low, until now. (PS: The cards don’t forecast the future; they reflect what’s going on now, in the precious present.)

Previously, I’d only read for myself and a few friends, but during my annual #TenForTarot charity drives in October, people have asked me if I’d consider doing readings the rest of the year. Well, good news: tarot readings are now open! Bookings are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis month to month. For details, email me at info [at] suzancolon [dot] net, or use the email address (not the form, please) on the Contact page.


Please note: Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. Suzan Colón/Suzan Colón LLC cannot be held responsible for any decisions made based on tarot readings, written or live.

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