Let’s do a MedKNITation together.

December 15, 2020

Friends, I’m so happy to announce something new: private MedKNITation® sessions. Yes, now you and I can do a MedKNITation® together!

In 2016, I started knitting and crocheting, and I noticed several similarities with various forms of traditional meditation I’ve learned over 30 years of studying Yoga and meditation. I put these elements together to form MedKNITation®, a way to meditate using knitting and crochet. Since then, MedKNITation® has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and KnitScene Magazine, and I’ve taught it through sold-out lectures attended by hundreds at Vogue Knitting Live in New York and online. Now you can book your own private MedKNITation® sessions with me!

When you book your private MedKNITation® session, you’ll get:

  • A pre-session email discussion about what will go into your personalized MedKNITation®
  • A 30-minute private one-on-one session with me via Zoom, consisting of:
    • calming breathing practices
    • learning the MedKNITation® technique
    • a guided MedKNITation®, incorporating a MedKNITation® Mantra I’ll create just for you
  • I’ll send you a post-session email with instructions for your MedKNITation®, as well as a crocheted Kind Heart with your MedKNITation® Mantra hand-written on the tag, both handmade by me just for you.

People who have done my guided MedKNITations say it helps them feel calmer, reduces anxiety, and gives them greater capacity for pain management. They also feel a great sense of validation in using knitting and crochet as a form of meditation. That’s a really good feeling. MedKNITation® is a wellness practice you can use every day.

The 30-minute private session, pre- and post-session emails, instructions, personalized MedKNITation® Mantra, and handmade Kind Hearts gift are yours for USD$49. Let’s do a MedKNITation together! To book your session, click here.

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