Why paying attention to yourself isn’t selfish.

October 10, 2016

Good morning, beautiful people. This week’s Yoga Tool is Svadhyaya, Self-Study. Svadhyaya asks you to put a hold on thinking about yourself in terms of the way others perceive you–does this person like me? Does s/he think I’m hot/nice/nuts?–and look at your inner life. The truly important things, like your beliefs, what’s important to you, and the actions you take.

Svadhyaya asks you to suspend looking outside for perceptions of yourself, and instead, look at your inner life–your beliefs, your priorities, and your actions.

Only by looking within, through meditation based on Maitri (Kindness), can you find out what you’re really all about. This Yoga Tool does for your inner life what Marie Kondo does for your closets–helps you find what matters and what sparks joy, and release what no longer fits. As you clear old stuff away, that divine and radiant light within you shines even brighter.

The chances are good that as you go through this process, you’ll meet an amazing, important, and wonderful person: You.

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🙏🏼 and 💖m shanti, divine lights!


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