The Two-Week Meditation Diet

April 23, 2014

benefits of meditation

You can tell from that headline that I’m a magazine writer from way back. No, I’m not saying I’ve found a way to think off ten pounds… Then again, maybe I have.

I’m not trying to lose body weight as much as I’m trying to take a load off my mind. I don’t have any problems per se, nothing anyone else wouldn’t talk about. Career, health, finances – the usuals, plus a diabetic cat. (She’s the least of my worries, the little sweetie.) I’ll be honest and say that part of what I spend a lot of time thinking about is book promotion. Anyone who’s visited this site or my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages knows I have a book out. Okay, great. It’s out there for anyone who wants it. I have to let people know about it, but I don’t want to go around e-shouting “Buy my book!” all the time. This is what’s expected of an author, but how does an author do that without becoming obnoxious? Hence the weight on my mind.

Saltwater BuddhaI sought distraction in Saltwater Buddha by Jaimal Yogis, a book I’ve read about six times because I love its realistic, pithy take on surfing as a metaphor for spiritual seeking. Most of the time it’s not even a metaphor; Jaimal experiences and explains surfing as spirituality. It was a book that informed a lot of Carson’s mindset in Beach Glass. (That was information, not another sales pitch for the book.)

Inspired by the story of Jaimal’s inner journey as much as his outer one, and really wanting to get rid of this heavy mindset, I started researching how to meditate. I found this interesting article by Norman Fischer on starting a meditation practice. The instructions are simple: for the next two weeks, get up every morning and get down on a cushion. Easy.

Easy? Somewhere in a surf hut, a Buddha is laughing. My first attempt took a while – tea and toast were needed before I could commit to sit – but once I did… Quiet. The waves became calm. That wouldn’t be good for real surfing, but it’s great for surfing life’s waves.

I’m going to meditate again tomorrow and for the next two weeks. Hopefully I’ll lose ten pounds off my mind and enlighten up a little.

xx, S


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