#WednesdayWisdom: Take Your Gita to Work

Good morning, beautiful people. Here's something to make the work you do today go more smoothly. It's from Chapter 4, verse 41 of the Bhagavad Gita: If you dedicate all your actions so your work becomes Karma yoga, all remaining doubts will be destroyed in the fire of your awakening. At this point … [Read more...]

Create Good Karma at #ComicCon2016

Good morning, beautiful people. #ThursdayThought: If you're at #ComicCon2016 in San Diego, visit the Hero Initiative booth. These superheroes raise money for comic book industry creatives--artists, writers, animators--who've fallen on hard times. Most people don't realize that many creators of the … [Read more...]

#OmSchooled Yoga Tools: Namaste

Good morning, beautiful people. Let's see each other as we would want to see ourselves, each radiating with the same divine light. Have a great day. … [Read more...]

#OmSchooled Yoga Tools: Ahimsa (or, The Kindness Solution)

Welcome to Om Schooled, a regular column about Yoga tools that can help you live a happier, healthier, less stress-making life.  My #mondaymotivation focus today is simple: Enough with the negative inner voice--it's time to practice ahimsa. We come fully loaded with a brain app that protects … [Read more...]

#OmSchooled Yoga Tools: A Shift in Perspective

[Read more...]