Frozen? Let’s Hit the Beach (Glass Sale)!

If this frozen winter has you in need of a beach vacation, I can offer the next best thing: BEACH GLASS. It's a story of lost loves and second chances, but more important right now, it takes place on a warm beach in Costa Rica, with a hot surf instructor. All together now: Yes, please.  Taking … [Read more...]

Are You Ready?

pink cartoony selfie

I set Valentine's Day for the start of the Creativity Commitment - the promise to be more creative, even to just be open to ways of being creative. My preferred ways are to keep drawing and get back to writing; my projects are a sketchbook diary, no specific subject, and the proposal for my next … [Read more...]

The Creativity Commitment: The What, the Why, and Most Important, the How

this moment

Recently, I introduced the idea of the Creativity Commitment—taking up a long-put-off desire to write, draw, or do any other creative endeavor. And what better time to start: Valentine’s Day, right smack in the middle of the winter doldrums, but with spring’s sense of renewal not far … [Read more...]

The Self-Valentine

chalk heart

Back in our courtin' days, Nathan and I bonded on key issues: our love of comic book movies (the hurdle of him being Marvel and me being DC was overcome). Our emotional investment in rice pudding. And our agreement that Valentine's Day had gotten out of hand, with the pressure to prove love and give … [Read more...]

Snow Day

snowy valentine

                        So, the Blizzard of 2015 turned out to be the Blizzzzzznnnn... Not the predicted Snowmageddon, but normal-for-winter, pretty snowfall. Still, with transit systems shut down and a … [Read more...]

Creativity Boost: Danny Gregory’s New Book, Art Before Breakfast

art before breakfast

Whether you're a writer or an artist or a potter or any sort of creative type, chances are that, from time to time, your creativity will feel a little like a slightly deflated football. (Analogy ripped from the headlines!) So, what then? A creativity boost, that's what. Creativity boosts are … [Read more...]

Creativity Cheerleader: Your Project Plan for 2015


                      Happy new year! Is this the year you've promised yourself and taken a pinky swear that you'll start writing your novel? Or start drawing that graphic novel, or painting, or any other type of … [Read more...]

It’s time to Take A Yoga Break!

Open Your Heart dude face right

I'm sure you've heard all the bad news about the effects of sitting for 6 or more hours a day--weight gain, increased risk of diabetes and kidney disease, even shortened life span. As someone who has spent her career writing from a chair, as a senior editor at O, the Oprah Magazine, as the author … [Read more...]

Beach Glass “Wish You Were Here” Postcard


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Today’s Mantra

it's not too late

                      This is my thought for the day, and I'm sure The Hubbins will be pleased that I'm getting a lot of use out of the drawing tablet he gave me to do art for Take A Yoga Break (coming next … [Read more...]