Chill Out: Mexican Yoga Retreat Hot Xocolat Smoothie

The Hubbins and I have been on a few yoga retreats, being big matheads and all, and one of our favorites was in Maya Tulum in Mexico. (They've changed the name since we went, so when I find it, I'll list it here.) Aside from being really beautiful and having some amazing yoga with the lithe and … [Read more...]

And now, a word from our author…

Hi all, Just wanted to give you a quick update on what's been going on: * Deadline madness! My adventures in bookland continue with many possibilities for projects, any one of which would make my head spin off its little axis with joy. But as the Oscar nominees say, just being considered is an … [Read more...]

Mwah! The Case for Gushy Fan Mail

Every day I get an e-newsletter called Cynopsis, which is a genius look at what's going on in the wild world of TV production. Most of it is beyond me and I don't always have time to read it all, but one day a small item grabbed my eyes: The first-ever vegan cooking show was coming to TV this fall. … [Read more...]

Got fake milk?

(Warning: I'm about to launch into my women's magazine writer voice...) Whether you have physical issues with milk due to lactose intolerance, or your aversion is more ethical because you're vegan, you've probably sampled some of the many milk analogues available these days. Dairy substitutes made … [Read more...]

Monday: Meatless recipe sources and news!

Hi everyone, and happy pre-holidays! If you've been reading this blog lately, you know I've committed to the Meatless Mondays campaign, and I'm in good company: celebrity chef Mario Batali also joined up with MM, along with lots of other people who have discovered that making even this small change … [Read more...]