Putting Up Gratitude Soup

Happy day after Thanksgiving! This day has come to be known as Black Friday, when people take advantage of their time off from work by getting ahead on their holiday shopping. I guess that makes sense. But I'm still basking in the glow of a day that was so extraordinary in its ordinary beauty, … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday Recipe: I Can’t Believe It’s Meatless Loaf!

First of all, apologies for being AWOL! There were several reasons for my blog blackout: 1. Dad got pneumonia around Thanksgiving, and I tend to shut down when worried. (He's fine now, back to grumbling at the TV, and thanks for all who sent good wishes.) 2. General holiday madness, and I'm way … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday and Contest Continuation!

Hi hi hi, and welcome to another frantic week here at Cherries Central. Book promotion is in high gear, as is pre-holiday prep work. It took me ages just to find a turkey that was compassionately raised on a free-range farm, not fed any chemicals or additives or stuff Mother Nature never wanted a … [Read more...]

Food for Thought

I’ve never been one to wait for January to start making resolutions. Mine usually start in November—right around this date, in fact, after I’ve overdosed on turkey. Last night was my third Thanksgiving dinner in four days. We weren’t expecting to have as many leftovers as we did, but one of our … [Read more...]

Put Out Your Holiday Worst

We’re seven for Thanksgiving this year—me, Nathan, my parents, our friends Margaret and David (who are Canadian and who treated us to a great Canadian Thanksgiving dinner last month), and my friend Suzie, who’s an excellent baker. Oh, and our neighbor’s beagle, who we watch when they’re away. We … [Read more...]