Monday’s Mantra

Life begins

So... What's on the other side of your comfort zone? A dream, waiting to say hi? (Some options: Finally doing The Artist's Way course to find a passion. Signing up for the National Novel Writing Month challenge. Doing something, just one thing, that's been waiting patiently in the back of your … [Read more...]

Paper: The Love Affair Continues

A page from the journal I kept during a trip to Paris. Tough to do on an iPad.

I love my iPad. It's small, it's cute, it's light, it fits in my purse. When I first got the 'Pad, we were inseparable. I read books on it with my Kindle app, I tried writing a novel on it (successfully!), and then I started keeping my morning pages on it. Morning pages are part of The Artist's … [Read more...]

Writing, part 2: The “blank page” stage


I've taken a while to get back to this subject because I wanted to think very carefully about what to say. Which means I've been staring at a blank page for a while. This is NOT where all writing begins. It is, unfortunately, where some writing dreams end. You have an idea for a story. … [Read more...]

Not Do WHAT For a Week?!

All books are banned for a week--except this one. Very crafty, Julia Cameron.

I've been on all sorts of diets, fasts, and abstentions. I went meatless, sugar-free (as I documented in this blog; rough, that one), low-fat, low-carb, no-carb. I've done without dairy and foregone fish. I've quit cigarettes, gone without alcohol, and even (ahem) been celibate for spiritual … [Read more...]

I Heart Week, Day 2: I Heart No-Brainers

Anything that makes my life easier works for me. And sometimes, the advice I read seems like something I might have thought of myself--if only I were a little saner and taking a breath every couple of minutes. Here are a few things I've found that have taken the pain out of thinking for me, and … [Read more...]

Can I finish anything I start? (Besides breakfast, I mean…)


In December, I announced rather publicly that I was going to do the More Half-Marathon in April. I dutifully (and unusually, for me) printed out the training schedule and started following it to the letter. I discovered that I loved running, got totally high off it, was able to eat more (yay!), and … [Read more...]