6 Musts for Your Writing (That Have Nothing to Do With Writing)


"Life doesn't happen behind a computer screen," said my friend Sherri Rifkin, the novelist. This was the kind of proclamation that was destined to become a quote, and not the vague, new age-y kind you see stitched on needlepoint throw pillows. This one actually resonated. As a writer, I have a … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Food Massacre

Here are the menus for the holiday weekend food I've eaten so far: FRIDAY Celebratory burgers and fries We were at the local tavern to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the day I met the man who would become The Hubbins, but who back then was simply known as Nathan, at a yoga retreat in Costa … [Read more...]

What the–?

I should run a caption contest with this photo. Why not? Put caption suggestions in the comment box. Winner gets a tin of Nana's butter cookies!

No, a stainless-steel refrigerator didn't fall on me Wizard of Oz style (though that would be an interesting way for a food-obsessed woman to go). As I mentioned in my previous blog, the More/Fitness Half-Marathon I ran/walked/limped in took place in a torrential downpour. I eventually dried out, as … [Read more...]

Hotcha! Another Reason to Banish the Scale!

Note lack of scale under feet.

If you stopped by to visit in the later part of last year, you'll recall that I declared November to be "Banish the Scale" month. I mean, some of the best food opportunities of the year were coming; couldn't we just enjoy our stuffing (the food and the action) for the holidays and get back to those … [Read more...]

Running in Winter: Riiiiiiiight.

Seriously? I'm supposed to run in this?

If you've been stopping by regularly lately, you know I've been training for the More Magazine Half-Marathon (you can check out my blogs here). The training's been going really well--I've gone from walking a 20-minute mile to running and walking a 14-minute mile in four and a half weeks, and I've … [Read more...]

Burning (Off) the Cookies

"You're gonna need to join a gym if you want to train in this weather, my friend."

Hello fellow cookie lovers, and happy new year! As any of you who have read Cherries in Winter or visit this blog know, butter cookies have been my business card for months now. I've made the cookies for people who've read the book, who have reviewed it, for people who might read or review or even … [Read more...]