Inspiration: Creativity In Action!

Vegan Zombie

There are two parts to writing books, or making movies, or any other creative endeavor. First, you get an idea. That leads to the second, and truly difficult, part: actually doing something about it. But I've got two great examples of people having great ideas, and then working to make them a … [Read more...]

Day 4 of the 12 Days of Cherries Giveaway: An E-Book!

Cherries in Winter

I'm still celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the release of Cherries in Winter - by giving away gifts! Today's present: the e-book version of Cherries :) All you have to do to win is be the first person to leave a comment on my blog. When you do, please specify your e-reading device: Kindle, … [Read more...]

Day 3 of the 12 Days of Cherries: Softcover Giveaway!

Cherries in Winter softcover

More gifts! More gifts! Today's gift giveaway: the softcover version of Cherries in Winter, with added chapters and recipes. Sweet! First person to leave a comment on the blog is the winner! xx, S     Rules: Void where prohibited. You must be at least 18 years old to enter, … [Read more...]

Cherries in Winter: The First Chapter

Cherries, chapter 1!

As part of my 3rd anniversary celebration of Cherries in Winter, and as a teaser for those gifts I mentioned (coming soon; stay tuned!), here is the first chapter of Cherries. I hope you enjoy it, and please leave a comment to let me know what you think! CHERRIES IN WINTER: CHAPTER 1 January … [Read more...]

My GH Cover Story on Bobby Flay!

Flay 1

One of my favorite recent assignments was writing Good Housekeeping's cover story on celebrity chef Bobby Flay. When I told friends about this, even the most jaded industry types would say, "Ooh, Flay--I love him! Was he nice?" He was. He was great--really friendly and quick with the perfect quote, … [Read more...]

Mwah! The Case for Gushy Fan Mail


Every day I get an e-newsletter called Cynopsis, which is a genius look at what's going on in the wild world of TV production. Most of it is beyond me and I don't always have time to read it all, but one day a small item grabbed my eyes: The first-ever vegan cooking show was coming to TV this fall. … [Read more...]

Have Black Eyed Peas Over for Dinner! (Um…the other kind of peas.)


If you're anything like me, the New Year's Resolutions you made last month are now sitting on the couch next to you, hogging the remote and eating all your pita chips. (You did see that I gave away my luxe Moleskine exercise journal on my Facebook page, didn't you? I sure wasn't using it, so I … [Read more...]

Feeling the Love!

when in doubtred copy

This is the coolest: My CIW catchphrase, "When in doubt, bake" has been immortalized in quilt art! The designer, Karen, whose blog is called Little Pieces of My Life, also posted my favorite two-word review of Cherries: "Loved it." Love YOU, fabulous quilting lady. More love: My exclusive CIW … [Read more...]

All’s well that ends with a French chef

Chef Eric didn't know it, but he was my booby prize (as in, the fun thing I was doing after enduring a mammogram and a sonogram).

Good news all around. First: My mammogram is a-ok! A mere cyst, but the girls are well (if a bit bruised from the mamm-machine. When are They going to invent something less cruel than the breast vice?). Second: I met Chef Eric Ripert (see above)! If I look like a thrilled goon, it's because I am. … [Read more...]

Oh yeah it’s a Happy Monday!

"Cherries" got a thumbs-up on Dr. Oz's website! My morning is off to a great start...

Three reasons for me to be cheerful on a Monday morning, even one where I'm tired because Tootsie was howling for half the night: * Cherries in Winter is on Dr. Oz's website today! Yes, THE Dr. Oz, America's favorite doctor, Oprah's #1 MD, and a man I've personally interviewed and can say, in all … [Read more...]