Hitting the Bottle (Or, In This Case, the Jar) Again

There's a chapter in Cherries in Winter about the day I was laid off. The corresponding recipe calls for boiling a half pound of pasta, nuking a jar of prepared sauce, and pouring it on the slightly overcooked pasta. That "recipe" was meant to convey two things: first, that I'd been so busy … [Read more...]

Love in the Time of Samosa*

A little background on my husband: He's a very honest man. Not only ethically and morally, but romantically. If he thinks an outfit looks bad on me, he'll tell me. I can state for the record that I have never asked him if I look fat in something because I can't handle the truth. The flip side of … [Read more...]

Meatless–and MidChix–Monday!

Mondays around here at the empire known as Me, LLC are never boring, but especially not today. This Monday joint is particularly jumping with not only a new veggie recipe for Meatless Monday, but a Cherries in Winter book giveaway on MidChix.com! (I know, I spoil you; but you deserve it.) If you … [Read more...]

Existentialist Googlemapping

I haven't been doing as many posts lately because of a few interesting twists and turns in life that have landed me squarely on the corner of Where the Heck? and Now What? Among them: Point A: I've been working on a novel, all the live-long day, for the past seven weeks. Now, my writer friends … [Read more...]

Cookie Month Recipe #8: Chewy Chocolate Cookies

My friend Emily had me at "chocolate." Describing these morsels as chewy definitely lends something extra, but being a chocoholic (I'm woman enough to admit that), I was predisposed to liking these before I had them. Then I tried one, and then another to make sure that the first wasn't a … [Read more...]