Hitting the Bottle (Or, In This Case, the Jar) Again

No one would ever know I cheated with prepared sauce from a jar. And no one would care as long as it tasted good and we ate before 11 p.m.

There's a chapter in Cherries in Winter about the day I was laid off. The corresponding recipe calls for boiling a half pound of pasta, nuking a jar of prepared sauce, and pouring it on the slightly overcooked pasta. That "recipe" was meant to convey two things: first, that I'd been so busy … [Read more...]

Love in the Time of Samosa*

I sign of love: I shared these.

A little background on my husband: He's a very honest man. Not only ethically and morally, but romantically. If he thinks an outfit looks bad on me, he'll tell me. I can state for the record that I have never asked him if I look fat in something because I can't handle the truth. The flip side of … [Read more...]

Meatless–and MidChix–Monday!


Mondays around here at the empire known as Me, LLC are never boring, but especially not today. This Monday joint is particularly jumping with not only a new veggie recipe for Meatless Monday, but a Cherries in Winter book giveaway on MidChix.com! (I know, I spoil you; but you deserve it.) If you … [Read more...]

Existentialist Googlemapping

bugs bunny

I haven't been doing as many posts lately because of a few interesting twists and turns in life that have landed me squarely on the corner of Where the Heck? and Now What? Among them: Point A: I've been working on a novel, all the live-long day, for the past seven weeks. Now, my writer friends … [Read more...]

Cookie Month Recipe #8: Chewy Chocolate Cookies

My friend Emily had me at "chocolate." Describing these morsels as chewy definitely lends something extra, but being a chocoholic (I'm woman enough to admit that), I was predisposed to liking these before I had them. Then I tried one, and then another to make sure that the first wasn't a … [Read more...]

December is Cookie Month!

My friends Jillian and Todd came up with this great idea: a cookie swap party. They invited guests to make their favorite cookies and print the recipes out, and each person brought both sweets and instructions to the party. Everybody got to sample each other's cookies and take home recipes and … [Read more...]

And Now It’s Your Recipe

The excerpt of Cherries in Winter in the November issue of O, the Oprah Magazine also features the recipe for my Aunt Nettie's Clam Chowder, and some of you may notice it's slightly different from the way you’ll see the recipe in the book. Other recipes in the book will be featured on Tastebook.com, … [Read more...]