Facebook and Twitter and Blogging–Oh My!

never could solve one of these...

You know you're over 30 when you're talking to other writers or creative types (which, in my opinion, is anybody), and this question comes up: "I'm so busy writing--do I really have to post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and blog, too?" Short answer: Yes. Yes, you do. Longer explanation: … [Read more...]

Writing, part 4: The recipe for success


"Finally!" you're saying. "She's going to tell me how to get my book published!" Well . . . sort of. Since I hate having to read an entire blog, magazine article, or book to get to the point of the tantalizing title, I'll cut to the chase. The recipe for success, whether you're writing a book … [Read more...]

No Kid Hungry: Your $ matched now!


Ah, the holidays: We've just finished one big meal, and we're already planning the next. Between those two is a day where people storm shops to buy stuff, extending pepper spray instead of good will to all men. 'Tis the season to be jolly! And, for a staggering 16 million children, hungry. In … [Read more...]

BYOB (Be Your Own Boss)


I got laid off on a Friday afternoon. I ate a lot of pasta that night. I gave myself the weekend to feel sorry for myself. On Monday morning, I went back to work. What work? I had no job, no prospects; we were in a recession where no one was hiring and companies were barely giving freelance … [Read more...]

Happy Bittersweet Anniversary

My family's recipe for hope in hard times, still relevant . . . unfortunately. (Thanks to Barnes & Noble Tribeca for putting "Cherries" in such good company.)

This month marks the third anniversary of the publication of Cherries in Winter, and I have to say this is something of a bittersweet birthday for my book. I wrote Cherries as a response to the collapse of not only our economy, but a way of life. I guess you could say our comfort bubble … [Read more...]

Happy Meatless Monday!


I've been mentioning Meatless Monday a lot lately, and I'm happy to announce that this little blog of mine will soon be joining the roster of fine blogs that support the MM movement! Why go meatless on Mondays? Lots of great reasons, starting with you: reducing consumption of meat on just one day … [Read more...]

Cooking to Lose Weight? Totally!

Okay, is this not the most beautiful heirloom tomato ever? (Slice one ripe tomato, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, top with shredded basil and crumbled feta cheese. Healthy, not fattening, and da bomb delicious.)

Two things I love to talk about: food, and losing weight. Usually they don't go together, but I'm a big believer in the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup theory of joining seemingly unrelated things and getting something great out out of it. And what could be better than eating and losing weight? (Okay, so … [Read more...]

Double-Dipping: Nasty

Oh crap...not another recession.

Many of you may see the phrase "double-dipping" and think of Seinfeld. This was their phrase for dipping a chip or piece of crudité in sauce, taking a bite, and then smushing the bitten piece back in the communal dip. Kind of gross, unless you're just dipping with a loved one. Well, not what I … [Read more...]

100 Possessions: Could You Do It?

The granddaddy of the minimalist approach.

My totally cool friend Arcy (maker of very cool recycled vegan baby clothes--check out her etsy shop here!) posted a link to an article from the New York Times about a couple who embraced the new minimalism. That's the phrase I'm using for voluntary simplicity, rather than enforced downsizing due to … [Read more...]

We interrupt this ding-dang Recession for some good news…

I know you've all been thrilled about reading the saga of Bella, the beagle who was so laid back she got laid off from her job as a rabbit hunter--this Resesh is so cruel! Even lovely beagles are affected. But I've come across little bits and pieces of hope, actual good news, in the thick of this … [Read more...]