Cherries in Winter book signing 12/11/10 in Jersey City!

This makes a dandy holiday gift, if I do say so myself.

I'm very excited about my first-ever book signing tomorrow at Made With Love, Jersey City's own (and only) organic bakery! Here are the deets: What: Holiday gifts--signed copies of Cherries in Winter, plus great organic cookies, cakes, granola, and other baked goods Where: Made With Love Organic … [Read more...]

Happy Meatless Monday!


I've been mentioning Meatless Monday a lot lately, and I'm happy to announce that this little blog of mine will soon be joining the roster of fine blogs that support the MM movement! Why go meatless on Mondays? Lots of great reasons, starting with you: reducing consumption of meat on just one day … [Read more...]

Organic Egg on Our Faces?

What is this thing called "organic"? The Cornucopia Institute tries to help us figure it out.

Taking a break from my relentless, shameful promotion that Cherries in Winter is out in paperback on October 19 (oops) to post a link to the Cornucopia Institute's rating of organic eggs. As I've been ultra-dismayed to learn recently, the word "organic" does not mean that the chickens who lay … [Read more...]

My Baking Internship: Dough and D’Oh!

Celeste, owner and operator of the fabulous Made With Love organic bakery in Jersey City, NJ.

As I reported on Friday, I was headed to my internship at a fabulous local bakery called Made With Love. Not only do they have some of the yummiest baked goods I've had in a looooong while (I can only be so amused by what I make myself), but owner Celeste insists on using only organic ingredients. … [Read more...]

Not-So-Great Moments in Kitchen History: The Chicken

This past weekend, my hubbins Nathan and I engaged in our usual Sunday afternoon ritual of drooling over whatever Lidia Bastianich is making on her PBS show, Lidia's Italy. This week was a great chicken and olive dish that was so simple, Lidia spent the first part of the show talking about the … [Read more...]