It’s time to Take A Yoga Break!

August 4, 2014

I’m sure you’ve heard all the bad news about the effects of sitting for 6 or more hours a day–weight gain, increased risk of diabetes and kidney disease, even shortened life span. As someone who has spent her career writing from a chair, as a senior editor at O, the Oprah Magazine, as the author of ten […]

Fabulous, Never Better: Selfie Portrait

June 11, 2014

                                              Two projects I’m working on: First, growing old gracefully. As I enter the Woman of a Certain Age zone (previously called “The Forbidden Zone” in the Planet of the Apes movies), I’m […]

Writing, part 4: The recipe for success

March 3, 2012

“Finally!” you’re saying. “She’s going to tell me how to get my book published!” Well . . . sort of. Since I hate having to read an entire blog, magazine article, or book to get to the point of the tantalizing title, I’ll cut to the chase. The recipe for success, whether you’re writing a […]

Oh yeah it’s a Happy Monday!

October 25, 2010

Three reasons for me to be cheerful on a Monday morning, even one where I’m tired because Tootsie was howling for half the night: * Cherries in Winter is on Dr. Oz’s website today! Yes, THE Dr. Oz, America’s favorite doctor, Oprah’s #1 MD, and a man I’ve personally interviewed and can say, in all […]

Cherries a la Skype

March 11, 2010

Last night, I joined my first Cherries in Winter book group discussion with The Beach Babes of Akron, Ohio (not Baltimore, as previously reported–my bad). Due to the high cost of travel and my low level of glamor, I wasn’t able to be there in person, so the Babes and I did the next best […]