From the Art: Interview with Author James Connor


Yoga people who meditate their way to superhero powers. That's the basic, and amazingly original, concept behind James Connor's debut novel The Superyogi Scenario. It's fast-paced action, suspense, and spirituality all rolled up in one yoga mat.  James wrote Superyogi during a meditation retreat … [Read more...]

“My Writing Process” Blog Tour: Like Partner Yoga, But Without the Wedgie

partner yoga

One of my NBFs, Katana Collins, recently asked: What's your writing process? My response was, What's a writing process? Where can I get one, and will it make my butt look bigger? She wouldn't answer that last one because she's too sweet, but she did give me the chance to participate in an … [Read more...]

Bee Says: “BEACH GLASS is out in paperback!”

Bee-ch Glass

                        Actually, Bee said, "Brrrt," which is the sound she makes instead of the more common meow. I'm translating to let you know that BEACH GLASS is now available in paperback! You can … [Read more...]

Monday’s Mantra

thor meme

It's more of a meme than a mantra, but when Chris Hemsworth as Thor is involved, who cares? ;) It's exactly this sentiment that made me sit down and write a novel, and now BEACH GLASS will be out in February 2014! For the full meme, click on the pic. Print out and pin to your inspiration … [Read more...]

Monday’s Mantra

doubt kills

While I was writing my novel BEACH GLASS, at times I had doubts. I thought might be crazy for trying to cross the bridge from memoir to romantic fiction. Well, BEACH GLASS is coming out in February 2014, so what do I know? Whether you're wondering if you're crazy for trying to write a novel, or … [Read more...]

Labor (of Love) Day Weekend: BEACH GLASS Revisions

Beach Glass novel

Revisions on a novel are a labor of love. The best work you can possibly do, painstaking, pleasure-filled. This is the manuscript for BEACH GLASS, my first novel, coming Valentine's Day 2014 on Belle Bridge Books. *squeeeeeee* … [Read more...]

Inspiration: Creativity In Action!

Vegan Zombie

There are two parts to writing books, or making movies, or any other creative endeavor. First, you get an idea. That leads to the second, and truly difficult, part: actually doing something about it. But I've got two great examples of people having great ideas, and then working to make them a … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Mantra

Papa King

From the man I like to think of as my writing godfather, Stephen King. … [Read more...]

Living the Writer’s Life!

vintage surfer girl

                    This blog will be quiet for the next few weeks because I'm going off to do things to blog about! First, I'm deep in the heart of revisions on my novel, BEACH GLASS, which will be out on Valentine's … [Read more...]

Does This Writing Make Me Look Fat?

round chair

I'm almost at the end of a three-month marathon spent revising a novel. As a palate cleanser, I wrote a short story before I have to move on to revising my novel BEACH GLASS, which will be out next February. I also have to finish reading a friend's cool murder mystery, another friend's short story, … [Read more...]