Nana’s Fabulous 50/50 Diet

I love food. I love to eat. Taste, temperature, texture - all of it is such a pleasure. Here's what I don't love: buying new jeans in a larger size. My "magic" pants - the black slacks that fit me no matter what - stretching dangerously at the seams when I'm just standing in them, so sitting down in … [Read more...]

Real Pleasures: The Sunday Newspaper

Recently, my husband Nathan subscribed to the New York Times online. Newspapers, with their "happened yesterday" headlines, seem to be on their way to extinction; people get their news online or on TV. But The Times's online incarnation has creative interactive features and videos, so it seemed like … [Read more...]

Hey, What’s for Breakfast?

I've been very intrigued by New York Times food critic Mark Bittman's story about eating vegan during the day and whatever he wanted at night. He did it for environmental and health reasons, and in addition to helping to save the planet with the power of his plate, he ended up losing about 35 lbs. … [Read more...]

Hotcha! Another Reason to Banish the Scale!

If you stopped by to visit in the later part of last year, you'll recall that I declared November to be "Banish the Scale" month. I mean, some of the best food opportunities of the year were coming; couldn't we just enjoy our stuffing (the food and the action) for the holidays and get back to those … [Read more...]

Running Around Like a Sane Person

The sleepy, restful holidays are most definitely ovah. Yesterday I got great news that LX New York, NBC's live-at-five style show, wants me to do a segment on Mom's Version of Great-Great Grandmother Matilde's Baked Pork Chops! This is verrrry exciting stuff. I suggested that recipe because it's … [Read more...]