Okay, What Was I Thinking?

I'm not talking about making the decision to run a half-marathon when I was wheezing at the top of our stairs. Nor am I talking about the questionable sanity of doing said half--which, after dropping my training schedule, I re-christened the "ha!"-marathon--in a freezing downpour. No, the only thing … [Read more...]

A (Painful) Step In the Right Direction.

Yesterday, I completed my first half-marathon. Thirteen-point-one miles at 46.7 years of age, in 46 degree weather with rain that ranged from appropriately spring-like to downright Biblical. I couldn’t run the whole race, and I hadn’t intended to. The last race I’d run was a 5k over twenty years … [Read more...]

That Ol’ White Devil: Can I Break Up With Sugar?

One of my dearest friends, Francesco Clark, is a skincare guru. So when he says something, I tend to lean in close and lissen up. Recently, though, he said something kind of shocking, especially for a person who loves chocolate as much as I do: He said sugar is bad for the skin. Shut. The. Heck. … [Read more...]

Today’s Obsessions: Cake and Chefs

Just a quick note to say hello because you all know I'm on a deadline for the additional chapters for Cherries in Winter: The Paperback. (Don't worry, that is so not the book's new official title.) Here's the latest: * I'm writing about cake, one of my favorite subjects (see above). * My Jamie … [Read more...]

Can I finish anything I start? (Besides breakfast, I mean…)

In December, I announced rather publicly that I was going to do the More Half-Marathon in April. I dutifully (and unusually, for me) printed out the training schedule and started following it to the letter. I discovered that I loved running, got totally high off it, was able to eat more (yay!), and … [Read more...]