On vacation, calories don’t count

Food lover though I am, I usually don't eat molten chocolate cake with hazelnut gelato drizzled with more molten chocolate sauce for dessert at lunch. Then again, desserts eaten in Italy, or on any vacation, generally don't count. And it would be rude to refuse, no? … [Read more...]

The Age-Defying Diet (Really!)

Stick around long enough and you’ll see "new" trends come back again and again. Camouflage prints will be in style, another boy band will rule the charts, and the Mediterranean Diet will be named the healthiest, yet again. It’s won that title so many times it can be called the healthiest diet ever … [Read more...]

Date Night at The National

On Sunday nights, my husband and I have a routine. I still call it a routine and not a rut, the difference being about ten years of marriage and watching TV while eating. If that happens, we'll be in a rut. For now, still relative newlyweds at five and a half years and with the TV off and jazz on … [Read more...]

Cherries in Winter: The First Chapter

As part of my 3rd anniversary celebration of Cherries in Winter, and as a teaser for those gifts I mentioned (coming soon; stay tuned!), here is the first chapter of Cherries. I hope you enjoy it, and please leave a comment to let me know what you think! CHERRIES IN WINTER: CHAPTER 1 January … [Read more...]

The Case for Pleasure

The Hubbins watches PBS Newshour every night, which details what's going on in the nation and the world. And the news is never good. Lately, it's been so bad I expect to see a small fuzzy chick delivering the headline, "The sky started falling today, with more pieces expected to crumble tomorrow." … [Read more...]