Facebook and Twitter and Blogging–Oh My!

You know you're over 30 when you're talking to other writers or creative types (which, in my opinion, is anybody), and this question comes up: "I'm so busy writing--do I really have to post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and blog, too?" Short answer: Yes. Yes, you do. Longer explanation: … [Read more...]

My Egg Blog on The HuffPo!

Hey everyone, Countdown to Cherries in Winter in paperback in bookstores: only 11 days! Until then, I'm helping to spread the word about The Cornucopia Institute's report on organic eggs. Not only did I blog about it here, but the Huffington Post was kind enough to pick up the blog too! Click … [Read more...]

It’s Cherry Season!

Yep, summer's almost over. Blueberries are history, peaches are on their way out, and any watermelon you come across is almost a waste of time. But for me, it's cherry season. Cherries in Winter, the paperback edition, will be out on October 19! CIW: PPB features additional chapters, new … [Read more...]

Insanely Genius Idea: E-Z Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

This may be the end of Western Civilization, or at least of me fitting into my jeans. And not my superskinny white hootchie-mama jeans, either. A Friend (meaning, a friend on Facebook) posted a link to this article by Sally Schneider on TheAtlantic.com, a highly-respected journal of news that is … [Read more...]

Why Can’t We Rake Hay While the Oil Slimes?

Weeping is never a good way to start the day, but that's what I did while watching the "View from Above" video of the Gulf Coast oil spill on The Today Show. (It's here; scroll toward the bottom for the video.) I've been seeing a lot on the news about the effects of this disaster (and sorry, … [Read more...]