Happy Meatless Monday!


I've been mentioning Meatless Monday a lot lately, and I'm happy to announce that this little blog of mine will soon be joining the roster of fine blogs that support the MM movement! Why go meatless on Mondays? Lots of great reasons, starting with you: reducing consumption of meat on just one day … [Read more...]

LA, Tandoori Burritos, & Me

Masala sauce. Fries. A marriage made in heaven (and Los Angeles).

Sounds like a setup for a road movie: one photographer (The Hubbins), one TV show host (David Keeps of the Ovation station's travel TV show, The Scenic Route and one of my Best Friends Ever), and one food-obsessed author (moi) going from Los Angeles to San Francisco on the Pacific Coast Highway. … [Read more...]

Sane Old Ways For a Crazy New World, Part 1: Really Fresh Fish

Very fresh fish. (Preparation: sauteed in butter, garlic, and thyme, with capers. Review: "Wow.")

Yesterday, The Hubbins's friend Gene called us and said, "Get down to the marina. I've got something for you." We ran on down as fast as we could in the unseasonably hot, muggy weather (I'm not complaining: I love summer, even when it's still spring). What we found at the small fishing boat … [Read more...]

Wishful thinking: Like cookies for the mind

Which way to my daydream?

Enough of reality for a moment! I'm over it. Let's pretend there was no Recession, nothing to worry about, and nada on your plate but pie in the sky. If you could do anything you wanted to, right this minute--if time and money weren't a factor--what would you do? Here's mine: I would grab The … [Read more...]

Not-So-Great Moments in Kitchen History: The Chicken

This past weekend, my hubbins Nathan and I engaged in our usual Sunday afternoon ritual of drooling over whatever Lidia Bastianich is making on her PBS show, Lidia's Italy. This week was a great chicken and olive dish that was so simple, Lidia spent the first part of the show talking about the … [Read more...]

The Farmers’ Market

Grandpa attempting to till the rocky soil in Saratoga. He had to get a job at the local plant that winter, but by the following spring, there were veggies in the garden.

My husband, Nathan, and I had such a great, simple meal one night this past summer—chicken breasts from the farmers’ market that I marinated in olive oil, garlic, sage, salt, and pepper and then grilled; corn from the upstate farm store; chilled cucumber soup made from farmers’ market cukes; and … [Read more...]