Are You Ready?

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I set Valentine's Day for the start of the Creativity Commitment - the promise to be more creative, even to just be open to ways of being creative. My preferred ways are to keep drawing and get back to writing; my projects are a sketchbook diary, no specific subject, and the proposal for my next … [Read more...]

The Two-Week Meditation Diet

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You can tell from that headline that I'm a magazine writer from way back. No, I'm not saying I've found a way to think off ten pounds... Then again, maybe I have. I'm not trying to lose body weight as much as I'm trying to take a load off my mind. I don't have any problems per se, nothing anyone … [Read more...]

Love a Book? Tell the World

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                      There have been some books that became as important to me as friends. I've been deeply moved by words, stories, characters that felt real. In the days before social media, the only way to … [Read more...]

Bee Says: “BEACH GLASS is out in paperback!”

Bee-ch Glass

                        Actually, Bee said, "Brrrt," which is the sound she makes instead of the more common meow. I'm translating to let you know that BEACH GLASS is now available in paperback! You can … [Read more...]

My Favorite Love Story

Scribbling Women

                                          One day I was having lunch with Hope Tarr - dear friend, one of my favorite authors, and … [Read more...]

BEACH GLASS Cover, Excerpt, and Pre-Order Info!

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Surf's up! Almost - BEACH GLASS, the novel, will be published by Bell Bridge Books on February 21, 2014. The book is available for pre-order now on Amazon. BEACH GLASS is a novel about surfing life's waves and being yoga-flexible when it comes to changes. It's about first loves and second … [Read more...]

Reading, Loving: YOGA RESOURCE PRACTICE MANUAL with Darren Rhodes

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Single-Sentence Short and Sweet Review: Don't say "OM" without it. More In-Depth Review: I like to think I know about yoga. I've been doing it for 23 years, I've taken teacher training twice, I even understood Shiva Rea's instructions for something she called jaguar-asana. And then I find a book … [Read more...]

Reading, Loving: BEING ME by Lisa Renee Jones

Being Me Lisa Renee Jones

Like I even have to tell you to do that? Anyone who read IF I WERE YOU, the first installment in Lisa Renee Jones's "Inside Out" trilogy, will remember the cliffhanger ending, where our heroine Sara McMillan was trapped in a darkened storage unit, clutching the erotic journals of the missing Rebecca … [Read more...]

Does This Writing Make Me Look Fat?

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I'm almost at the end of a three-month marathon spent revising a novel. As a palate cleanser, I wrote a short story before I have to move on to revising my novel BEACH GLASS, which will be out next February. I also have to finish reading a friend's cool murder mystery, another friend's short story, … [Read more...]

Silver Support

I'm becoming entranced by the idea of letting my hair go gray, but as my roots grow in, I'm also feeling daunted by the process and intimidated by the reactions I'm likely to get. (More on that another time, but if you really like engaging in debate, announce any of these three things: that you … [Read more...]