What They Talk About When They Talk About Creativity


A tip of the hat (and an apology) to Raymond Carver for the headline, but it was better than referencing Jurassic World, which wouldn't have made sense at all. This is my convoluted way of introducing a new blog series--From the Art: Creatives on Creativity. In these regular blog posts, I'll be … [Read more...]

“My Writing Process” Blog Tour: Like Partner Yoga, But Without the Wedgie

partner yoga

One of my NBFs, Katana Collins, recently asked: What's your writing process? My response was, What's a writing process? Where can I get one, and will it make my butt look bigger? She wouldn't answer that last one because she's too sweet, but she did give me the chance to participate in an … [Read more...]

Love a Book? Tell the World

kitten and book

                      There have been some books that became as important to me as friends. I've been deeply moved by words, stories, characters that felt real. In the days before social media, the only way to … [Read more...]

Real Pleasures: Bookstores

Seeing one of these shouldn't feel like being on an archeological dig.

Barnes and Noble announced today that it will close a third of its stores over the next decade, so it seems like either a good or slightly ironic time for me to celebrate another in my series of real, versus virtual, pleasures: the bookstore.   When I was growing up, bookstores were … [Read more...]

Set Your DVR for “Guilty Pleasures”!

Probably a hot, rich tyrant.

Every four seconds, a romance novel is sold somewhere in the world. Every four seconds. And they (who are "they" anyway?) say publishing is dead. Romance novels, the people who read them, and the authors who write them are the subject of what looks like a totally delightful documentary called … [Read more...]

Facebook and Twitter and Blogging–Oh My!

never could solve one of these...

You know you're over 30 when you're talking to other writers or creative types (which, in my opinion, is anybody), and this question comes up: "I'm so busy writing--do I really have to post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and blog, too?" Short answer: Yes. Yes, you do. Longer explanation: … [Read more...]

When “No” is better than “Yes”


At last, the novel was finished. Two or three years of thinking, plotting, building characters and a world for them to live in, all down on the page. Now it was off to my beloved agent, who I figured would be as thrilled as I was with the final result. She wasn't. She said the idea was good, the … [Read more...]

Writing, part 4: The recipe for success


"Finally!" you're saying. "She's going to tell me how to get my book published!" Well . . . sort of. Since I hate having to read an entire blog, magazine article, or book to get to the point of the tantalizing title, I'll cut to the chase. The recipe for success, whether you're writing a book … [Read more...]

Writing, part 3: Slay the cliché

"Oh--'Her hair felt like silk slipping through his fingers'--let me kill it!"

"'Her hair felt like silk slipping through his fingers'? Let me kill it!" How many times have you read the following worn-out sentences? She padded down the hall in her bare feet. His eyes were wide with horror. He cupped her breast. She fisted her hands by her sides. Fisted? … [Read more...]

Writing, part 2: The “blank page” stage


I've taken a while to get back to this subject because I wanted to think very carefully about what to say. Which means I've been staring at a blank page for a while. This is NOT where all writing begins. It is, unfortunately, where some writing dreams end. You have an idea for a story. … [Read more...]