Something surprising.

December 8, 2017

My friend Robin shared a post today that says there were 400 million fewer animals killed for food last year. It’s amazing, given the rise of KFC and other fast food restaurants in emerging nations overseas.

I’m not one to tell people what to eat—it’s up to you to listen to your body!—but I agree that there’s way too much meat being eaten in the world. Not to mention the suffering animals go through when raised conventionally for food.

My grandparents actually left the city and started a farm upstate. (Now the hipster thing to do—they were well ahead of their time!) They had chickens and dairy cows. Most of their apple orchard was decimated by visiting deer they didn’t scare away  Yes, my grandparents and future Mom ate the chickens, and the portion of the milk and butter from the cows that they didn’t sell. And they treated the animals well. They ran the kind of farm we wish people ran when we eat meat.

Animals are very rarely raised and treated that way anymore—it’s just not “cost effective.” So if we choose to eat meat, we can do our part by making sure that the animal products we consume are sourced from humane farms, preferably local ones; and we can consume less. We don’t need that much. Veggies are amazing

Maybe next year, this number will somehow, magically, be even higher, and we’ll all be healthier, happier, and more humane.

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