Some good advice.

December 12, 2017

Good morning, beautiful people. I saw this journal cover in a craft store, and really, there’s not much more to say: the message is clear. (And loud, with that hot pink!)

Most of us have heard the term dharma, which means “the path”—a path of spiritual teachings, a way of living, the cosmic order of things. Then there’s Svadharma, your own unique path. It’s recognizing that you have something you want to do, or that you feel you need to do. Your Svadharma uses your talents, skills, and even where you are in life to your advantage. It could be changing the world, or changing one person’s life. (They’re equally important.)

Life can get heavy sometimes, but don’t quit your daydream. If there’s something you feel compelled to do, that may be your Svadharma pointing the way to the path that’s right for you.

Have a beautiful day, spiritual surfers.

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