Working with Compassion in Satya, Your Truth

September 22, 2016

satyaWe’re still working with this week’s Yoga Tool, Satya, or Truth. Meditation allows us to tune into that small but strong voice within guiding us to our truth. Then, we start reflecting that out into the world in what we say and do.

But does the truth have to be brutal? No way! In fact, Satya is, by its Yogic nature, a more compassionate way of understanding and conveying truth. There are some truths that bring a lot of joy, others that bring pain, and all different variations in between. No matter what, there is always a path toward compassion and loving conveyance of truth. Because part of truth is in how you give it, and you should give truth in the way you would want to receive it.

There is always a path toward compassion and loving conveyance of truth.

Your own inner light, that divine guidance system known as your intuition or Satguru, can bring you to the truth. Then you can ask yourself how this truth can be put into action, or even if it needs to be. Will it be helpful? Kind? And can you live your truth compassionately, the way the Buddha did? If so, then your Satya–your honesty–will be the best policy.

I’m sending you all good vibes, divine lights. And if you have any questions about living your Satya, or any of the other Yoga Tools, please don’t hesitate to email me at Om shanti! 

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