How to become more joyful.

September 27, 2016

more on muditaGood morning, beautiful people. Some of you asked for clarification on this week’s Yoga Tool, Mudita, or unselfish joy in others’ success. Last night’s presidential debate probably raised some questions (not to mention blood pressure levels).

Mudita doesn’t mean forcing happiness over success that benefits one but harms many. Should we be grinning our heads off about the Wells Fargo chief who made workers create thousands of false accounts, but still stands to receive a multimillion-dollar bonus? Holy shanti no. But can you be pleased for a coworker who gets a promotion that helps her feed her family and let her kids go to better schools? Give her a high five, and feel good about your spiritual generosity.

Mudita is unselfish joy–over what creates benefit for the greater good, not self-centered success for one. Me, I’m still basking in all your radiant success, you divine lights.

 🙏🏼 and 💖m shanti…


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