I Heart Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

April 17, 2010

Here’s my latest post on mediaelites.com about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I’d tell you all about it, but then I’d be repeating myself, and nobody needs that. If the blog doesn’t come up on the main page, do a little search, please. Maybe even leave a little comment on mediaelites? It would be so nice to know that someone other than The Hubbins is reading my words. Otherwise, I’ll just have to eat them. (Sure cause of indigestion.)

If you missed the show and my review piques your interest, watch the full episode here.


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2 thoughts on “I Heart Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

  1. Ooh, so glad you and your husband liked the cake! I know, I'm still getting used to my new website too. By the time your dial-up finishes, you may see some new changes too. Hopefully those go over as well as the cake!

  2. Hi Suzan,

    I am getting use to your new web site. We have dial up (no I don't live in Siberia) so as I type, my computer is still warming up. I prepared the Nora chocolate cake for my husbands 66 birthday and it was a hit. Keep up the good work.

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