Hotcha! Another Reason to Banish the Scale!

February 4, 2010

If you stopped by to visit in the later part of last year, you’ll recall that I declared November to be “Banish the Scale” month. I mean, some of the best food opportunities of the year were coming; couldn’t we just enjoy our stuffing (the food and the action) for the holidays and get back to those awful weigh-ins when January rolled (figuratively and literally) around?

Well, there’s good news from our friends in science this morning, and the headline says it all: “Slimmer Doesn’t Always Mean Fitter.” This article from the New York Times combines one of my passions, running, with one of my obsessions, the %$#@! scale. I used to be a scale-aholic until a friend staged an intervention. I hate the idea of just throwing things away, though; I envisioned this perfectly good scale taking up space in a landfill somewhere. So I just put it in the basement, where our building has a little makeshift gym. I figured maybe someone else could use it/become obsessed with meaningless numbers that fluctuate wildly instead of getting in touch with how s/he felt.

When I started running and blogging about it for, though, I brought the scale back upstairs. I figured I should share my starting weight with everyone who was following the blog, and I envisioned the day when I’d show a ten-pound loss and still be writing here about banana bread (recipe coming tomorrow).

Yeah, I know–I’m delusional. But according to the Times piece, I may have nothing to worry about! Maybe my weight is just fine and I’m going to be able to finish that race like a pro! Maybe my friend Donna was right when she said, with all the conviction of a hellfire n’ brimstone preacher, “Be freeeeeeee from the tyranny of the scale! Don’t live by a number! How do you feeeeeeel?”

Pretty good, actually. And I hope, after reading that article, that you do too.

Note lack of scale under feet.


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One thought on “Hotcha! Another Reason to Banish the Scale!

  1. I agree! I did a cycling class last night for the first time ever. At 205 lbs as a woman, if it weren’t for my running 5Ks, doing circuit training with weights, and Yoga, I wouldn’t have had the endurance to do a whole program. I felt energized and wished I could do more. I kept looking around at the other women my size who weren’t spinning as fast or as hard as I was. And I kept right up with those skinny minis too.

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