Feel like a million without spending a cent.

August 29, 2016

Do you ever have those times when you feel a little needy?

If you’re human and you’re breathing, the answer is probably yes. And you also know how that needy feeling can lead to wanting, and spending, to feel better.

I’ve felt this way too. This is something I’ve come to know as Palliative Accumulation—the idea that I can fill the empty feeling inside me by getting material things. Books. Makeup. Clothes. More books (my weakness). Art supplies. Gadgets and devices. The list goes on.

None of it works. I may get a fleeting thrill from getting something, a win hard-wired in my primal lizard brain as having achieved survival for another day. But the thrill is soon gone, and I’m on the hunt again.

Until I practice the Yoga Tool of Aparigraha, or non-greed. Aparigraha (ah-pari-graha) is an ethical practice that is incredibly useful in our modern times. These days, when we become stressed (which is often), we’re likely to soothe ourselves with food and purchases. We’re also told constantly by advertisers that we “need” some new thing—a new style of clothes, a new car, a newer phone.

A swami at Integral Yoga, where I teach, once said, “I never knew I needed an iPad until Apple told me I did.”

If we don’t become aware of this cycle, we can end up overeating and overspending, in poor health and with crushing debt.

Or, we can break the Samsara, the repeating cycle.

We do this by practicing Aparigraha. A simple plan for introducing Aparigraha into your life is here. 

Remember that you are a divine light; you are already complete. You are already enough. You are all that you seek. You have within you everything you need, and the strength and ability to get whatever it is you truly need. Knowing this, your divine light will shine even brighter.

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