A quote to live by, especially now.

September 15, 2016


Last week’s Yoga Tool was Sangha, but I came across an inspirational quote I want to share with you, my Sangha, or community of like-minded people.

The idea of Sangha is timely. We all know that recently, our country, and it seems the entire world, is polarized. This can only lead to more war.

Sangha may be a group of people traveling the same spiritual path, but the time has come to make that idea more expansive. To follow the inspiration in this quote from a great sage—Jeff Bridges, aka The Dude, the memorable character Bridges played in The Big Lebowski. This is what Bridges said:

Everyone I meet is in my Sangha.

This is why The Dude abides: He sees everyone as being the same, not separate. Bridges, a very spiritual person, has opinions just as everyone else does. But he sees all people as being members of his Sangha.

Sangha is a community of your friends. But why stop there? We can widen that Sangha to include everyone we meet. And we must, especially now. We are reliant upon each other, and we must honor the divine light in everyone. In this way, we can find the path to peace again.


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