Today’s Obsessions: Cake and Chefs

March 22, 2010
Nope, I did not make this. But isn't it pretty? Makes me happy just looking at it--and writing about it.

Just a quick note to say hello because you all know I’m on a deadline for the additional chapters for Cherries in Winter: The Paperback. (Don’t worry, that is so not the book’s new official title.) Here’s the latest:

* I’m writing about cake, one of my favorite subjects (see above).

* My Jamie Oliver obsession is reaching new heights. Last night I made his chicken stroganoff recipe from Jamie’s Food Revolution, and I can’t wait to watch the TV show of the same name. Because I was a good girl and got an entire chapter finished this morning, I treated myself to watching the sneak preview here. I was surprised at how hard this show is to watch; people’s strong desire to eat unhealthy food makes me sad.

* My half-marathon training has fallen off the rails, but at least it’s not because I’m being lazy–just trying to meet the aforementioned deadline. I may have to walk the race, but I’ll be in it.

Okay, back to work! But first, some chicken strogie leftovers for lunch…


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2 thoughts on “Today’s Obsessions: Cake and Chefs

  1. I loved it, but I’m hoping there’s more in the two-hour version. Like an explanation to the people of Huntington as to why they should trust this guy. Jamie’s done this before with the British school lunch system, and he ran into many of the same problems: red tape, people unwilling to change, and kids so addicted to junk they hated his real food. We’ll see, but right now I’m grooving on Jamie much more than The Biggest Loser, and that’s saying something… Thanks for writing!

  2. I watched the Jamie Oliver show last night and I have to say I enjoyed it. It’s definitely hitting my points of view on children and food. Hopefully people will wake up and know the benefits of eating fresh and healthy!

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