Create Good Karma at #ComicCon2016

Good morning, beautiful people. #ThursdayThought: If you're at #ComicCon2016 in San Diego, visit the Hero Initiative booth. These superheroes raise money for comic book industry creatives--artists, writers, animators--who've fallen on hard times. Most people don't realize that many creators of the … [Read more...]

#OmSchooled Yoga Tools: Namaste

Good morning, beautiful people. Let's see each other as we would want to see ourselves, each radiating with the same divine light. Have a great day. … [Read more...]

#OmSchooled Yoga Tools: Ahimsa (or, The Kindness Solution)

Welcome to Om Schooled, a regular column about Yoga tools that can help you live a happier, healthier, less stress-making life.  My #mondaymotivation focus today is simple: Enough with the negative inner voice--it's time to practice ahimsa. We come fully loaded with a brain app that protects … [Read more...]

#OmSchooled Yoga Tools: A Shift in Perspective

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#OmSchooled #Yoga Tools: Titiksha (Endurance)

Welcome to #OmSchooled, a new regular column about Yoga tools for living a healthier, happier, less stress-y life.  A couple of things I had going on between 2000 - 2003:   Lost my job Moved across the country for a new job That company went under four months later, so I moved … [Read more...]