Snow Day

snowy valentine

                        So, the Blizzard of 2015 turned out to be the Blizzzzzznnnn... Not the predicted Snowmageddon, but normal-for-winter, pretty snowfall. Still, with transit systems shut down and a … [Read more...]

Creativity Boost: Danny Gregory’s New Book, Art Before Breakfast

art before breakfast

Whether you're a writer or an artist or a potter or any sort of creative type, chances are that, from time to time, your creativity will feel a little like a slightly deflated football. (Analogy ripped from the headlines!) So, what then? A creativity boost, that's what. Creativity boosts are … [Read more...]

Creativity Cheerleader: Your Project Plan for 2015


                      Happy new year! Is this the year you've promised yourself and taken a pinky swear that you'll start writing your novel? Or start drawing that graphic novel, or painting, or any other type of … [Read more...]

The Year in Review

Norman as we met him at the Bideawee. Yes, he's wearing a Santa sweater, because he had to get a shelter shave.

On Facebook, my Friends are doing their year in review in photos. This made me think of what I've done this year, because sometimes I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. Time to make ye olde annual list! 1. I made an app. Like many writers--and people who sit all day--I was scared by the … [Read more...]

The Two-Week Meditation Diet

benefits of meditation

You can tell from that headline that I'm a magazine writer from way back. No, I'm not saying I've found a way to think off ten pounds... Then again, maybe I have. I'm not trying to lose body weight as much as I'm trying to take a load off my mind. I don't have any problems per se, nothing anyone … [Read more...]

Writing Romance, Now More Than Ever

"Woman Reading" by Alexander Deineka.

I was in the middle of reading my editor's comments on my novel yesterday when I heard the news about Boston. I work at home by myself, but at that moment I felt sure I was united with many others who probably also stopped working, watched in disbelief and horror, and cried. Going back to work on … [Read more...]

Does This Writing Make Me Look Fat?

round chair

I'm almost at the end of a three-month marathon spent revising a novel. As a palate cleanser, I wrote a short story before I have to move on to revising my novel BEACH GLASS, which will be out next February. I also have to finish reading a friend's cool murder mystery, another friend's short story, … [Read more...]

Paper: The Love Affair Continues

A page from the journal I kept during a trip to Paris. Tough to do on an iPad.

I love my iPad. It's small, it's cute, it's light, it fits in my purse. When I first got the 'Pad, we were inseparable. I read books on it with my Kindle app, I tried writing a novel on it (successfully!), and then I started keeping my morning pages on it. Morning pages are part of The Artist's … [Read more...]

This Month’s Vision Board

My BEACH GLASS vision board.

The phrase "vision board" may sound a little new age-y, but I believe in the power of positive visuals. Wherever my eyes go my mind goes, so I when I look up from my computer screen, I need to see things that uplift me, inspire me, and remind me of what I'm trying to do here. Because I'm … [Read more...]

Looking for Signs

"When the tides change, Be Fearless."

Most of the time, I'm pretty confident about what I'm doing--bucking conventional so-called wisdom, finding my own path. On a random Thursday, though, I may find myself not quite so sure. Am I doing this right? What am I doing, anyway? Do I have a right to do whatever it is I'm doing? As … [Read more...]