Writing Romance, Now More Than Ever

"Woman Reading" by Alexander Deineka.

I was in the middle of reading my editor's comments on my novel yesterday when I heard the news about Boston. I work at home by myself, but at that moment I felt sure I was united with many others who probably also stopped working, watched in disbelief and horror, and cried. Going back to work on … [Read more...]

Does This Writing Make Me Look Fat?

round chair

I'm almost at the end of a three-month marathon spent revising a novel. As a palate cleanser, I wrote a short story before I have to move on to revising my novel BEACH GLASS, which will be out next February. I also have to finish reading a friend's cool murder mystery, another friend's short story, … [Read more...]

Paper: The Love Affair Continues

A page from the journal I kept during a trip to Paris. Tough to do on an iPad.

I love my iPad. It's small, it's cute, it's light, it fits in my purse. When I first got the 'Pad, we were inseparable. I read books on it with my Kindle app, I tried writing a novel on it (successfully!), and then I started keeping my morning pages on it. Morning pages are part of The Artist's … [Read more...]

This Month’s Vision Board

My BEACH GLASS vision board.

The phrase "vision board" may sound a little new age-y, but I believe in the power of positive visuals. Wherever my eyes go my mind goes, so I when I look up from my computer screen, I need to see things that uplift me, inspire me, and remind me of what I'm trying to do here. Because I'm … [Read more...]

Looking for Signs

"When the tides change, Be Fearless."

Most of the time, I'm pretty confident about what I'm doing--bucking conventional so-called wisdom, finding my own path. On a random Thursday, though, I may find myself not quite so sure. Am I doing this right? What am I doing, anyway? Do I have a right to do whatever it is I'm doing? As … [Read more...]

My Not Enough Time Book List

"Twice Loved" by LaVyrle Spencer

Book lover? I'm past that; "book junkie" is more accurate. Paper or digital makes no difference. I'll take my tomes straight up new, borrowed with a twist, in an ARC, second-hand, Kindled, folded, spindled . . . I just want to read. My favorite and most anguish-inducing episode of The Twilight Zone … [Read more...]

OM-MG, Surf is Up!!

One of the west coast's gorgeous beaches.

You know I'm a fan of double-exclamation points, but this has been a triple-exclamation point week. If you've visited my Facebook page lately, then you know that my novel BEACH GLASS (I'm not shouting; the solid caps thing is what book publishing types do with titles) is officially coming out on … [Read more...]

Inspiration: Finding Your True Purpose

Yogi Cameron

Click here to view video: Yogi Cameron on practice and finding your true purpose I really like this brief, very inspiring speech given by Yogi Cameron at this year's Tadasana Festival. YC is one of my Integral Yoga brothers, a fellow teacher as well as an author and now reality show host. Despite … [Read more...]

The Single Most Important Rule of Writing

The best rule of writing.

"Ass in the chair."--Nora Roberts, on the secret to her success Above is Nora Roberts' simple, one-step process to writing. She should know; she's currently working on her 204th book right now. (She'll probably be done with it before you finish reading this blog.) Best-selling authors Stephen … [Read more...]

Set Your DVR for “Guilty Pleasures”!

Probably a hot, rich tyrant.

Every four seconds, a romance novel is sold somewhere in the world. Every four seconds. And they (who are "they" anyway?) say publishing is dead. Romance novels, the people who read them, and the authors who write them are the subject of what looks like a totally delightful documentary called … [Read more...]