#WednesdayWisdom: #Yoga and Success

Here's the setup: It's about fourteen years ago. I'm in Yoga teacher training. I've had four months of studying Yoga poses, anatomy, philosophy, and more. Now I'm in a staring contest with my final exam: teaching a 90-minute class. Minus five minutes of silence during the deep relaxation portion, … [Read more...]

Yoga Tools: Affirmation Meditation

Happy New Year! Has your New Year's Resolution to meditate faithfully every day for half an hour, clearing your mind of all thoughts and OM-ing your way to happiness, failed yet? Good. We all want to meditate more--and we all need to. Meditation has been shown to lower stress, which in turn … [Read more...]

4 Ways Yoga Can Give You the Skin of a Goddess

Interesting phenom: Lately, people have been stopping me in the street to compliment my skin. This blows my mind, since I had such sad skin as a teenager. Back then, my wellness regimen was late nights, cocktails, cigarettes, fast food at four in the morning. Fun, yes! Pretty? No. Then I found Yoga, … [Read more...]

Yoga and Recovery

The other night on Cinemax's intense medical drama The Knick, Dr. Thackery announced that he was planning to find a cure for addiction. It's interesting to watch this show about turn-of-the-century medical practices, some of which seem barbaric now but were almost scandalously modern then. Of course … [Read more...]

Yoga Tools: Sankalpa (Intention)

Today I made a few decisions: I'm getting more rest, even if that means watching fewer episodes of The Great British Baking Show and Gotham on DVR. I'm eating less sugar, saving it for weekends, not every night. And I'm putting my prana (life energy) into faith instead of doubt, starting with a … [Read more...]