Good Morning, Beautiful People.

Here's some #WednesdayWisdom from Integral Yoga guru Sri Swami Satchidananda. Be good to yourselves and others today (and every day). OM shanti! … [Read more...]

Yoga Tools: Japa, or Bliss, Breathe, Repeat Good morning, beautiful people. Time for #MondayMotivation to meditate your way to less stress and more bliss. Hard to do if your meditation sessions feel like a mall on Black Friday, so calm those thoughts with Japa Yoga, or Mantra repetition. Focusing on one thing, … [Read more...]

Yoga Tools: Titiksha, Your Superhero Power of Inner Strength #WednesdayWisdom: You have a  secret superhero power: Titiksha (tih-TEEK-shah), which is Sanskrit for endurance. We all know pain is inevitable, but sometimes we forget we have a vast reserve of strength inside us that makes the pain bearable and even … [Read more...]

Yoga Tools: Be Your Own Bestie with Maitri #WednesdayWisdom: Do you go around criticizing yourself for eating certain things, thinking negative thoughts, or any other ways? Time to bust out one of my favorite Yoga Tools: Maitri, which translates to kindness or friendliness. Try this for a day: … [Read more...]

Good Morning, Beautiful People.

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