Bend Trends: This Week’s Yoga News

Nice headstand prep, Ms. Polar Bear!

                        * One of my tweets was included in this great yoga newsletter on Among my favorite items is "9 Ways to Make This Your Best Year Ever," which embodies the yogic principle … [Read more...]

Reading, Loving: WARRIOR POSE by Brad Willis aka Bhava Ram

Warrior Pose

Finally, a yoga book for guys! I say that because WARRIOR POSE is not your average book about someone finding themselves on the yoga mat. I love yoga memoirs, but this one is different, perhaps because the author was far from being a spiritual seeker who found enlightenment while bent into a … [Read more...]

Dreaming by Gloria Steinem

Today's mantra to start out the week. Print and pin to your inspiration board! "Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning." - Gloria Steinem … [Read more...]

Self-Help Me: Eat Early, Witness Fear Often


          I'm a basically happy person, but I can still use all the support, and self-helpful hints, I can get. Earlier this year I bought two books that I'm hoping will help me be a better version of myself. (That's all I'm going for - not "fixed," as … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

Ganesha happy new year

And may all obstacles to your resolutions be removed :) I'll be back later in the week with those resolutions, a guru man with the one plan I need to help me keep them, and another contest with fun stuff to win. Next week, I'll show you how to take a yoga break--at work! Thanks for a beautiful … [Read more...]

A Way to Heal

In times of trouble, I try to think of ways I can be of service. Yoga taught me that: When I feel bad, I can heal by asking, "How can I help?" After Sandy, there were all sorts of ways for everyone to help, from donating money and time to cooking meals for those without power. By doing service, … [Read more...]

Write a Pose: The Yoga of Writing (or, The Writing of Yoga)


One of the new things you may notice on my revamped site is that there's a whole lotta yoga going on. Why? Yoga has been an important part of my life for the past 23 years. As a writer who sits a lot (I mean a lot a lot), yoga undoes the sit-kinks. It keeps me calm. I even met my husband Nathan … [Read more...]

This Month’s Vision Board

My BEACH GLASS vision board.

The phrase "vision board" may sound a little new age-y, but I believe in the power of positive visuals. Wherever my eyes go my mind goes, so I when I look up from my computer screen, I need to see things that uplift me, inspire me, and remind me of what I'm trying to do here. Because I'm … [Read more...]

Looking for Signs

"When the tides change, Be Fearless."

Most of the time, I'm pretty confident about what I'm doing--bucking conventional so-called wisdom, finding my own path. On a random Thursday, though, I may find myself not quite so sure. Am I doing this right? What am I doing, anyway? Do I have a right to do whatever it is I'm doing? As … [Read more...]

My Not Enough Time Book List

"Twice Loved" by LaVyrle Spencer

Book lover? I'm past that; "book junkie" is more accurate. Paper or digital makes no difference. I'll take my tomes straight up new, borrowed with a twist, in an ARC, second-hand, Kindled, folded, spindled . . . I just want to read. My favorite and most anguish-inducing episode of The Twilight Zone … [Read more...]