How to become more joyful.

September 27, 2016

Good morning, beautiful people. Some of you asked for clarification on this week’s Yoga Tool, Mudita, or unselfish joy in others’ success. Last night’s presidential debate probably raised some questions (not to mention blood pressure levels). Mudita doesn’t mean forcing happiness over success that benefits one but harms many. Should we be grinning our heads […]

A quote to live by, especially now.

September 15, 2016

Last week’s Yoga Tool was Sangha, but I came across an inspirational quote I want to share with you, my Sangha, or community of like-minded people. The idea of Sangha is timely. We all know that recently, our country, and it seems the entire world, is polarized. This can only lead to more war. Sangha may be […]