This Week’s Yoga Tool: Svadhyaya (Self-Study) Good morning, beautiful people. This week's Yoga Tool is Svadhyaya, Self-Study. Svadhyaya asks you to put a hold on thinking about yourself in terms of the way others perceive you--does this person like me? Does s/he think I'm hot/nice/nuts?--and look at your inner … [Read more...]

Working with Compassion in Satya, Your Truth

We're still working with this week's Yoga Tool, Satya, or Truth. Meditation allows us to tune into that small but strong voice within guiding us to our truth. Then, we start reflecting that out into the world in what we say and do. But does the truth have to be brutal? No way! In fact, Satya is, … [Read more...]

Good Morning, Beautiful Sangha!

Last week's Yoga Tool was Sangha, but I came across an inspirational quote I had to share. It comes from a great sage--Jeff Bridges, aka The Dude. And this is why The Dude abides: He sees everyone as being the same, not separate. Sangha is a community of your likeminded peeps. Now we see we can … [Read more...]

Good Morning, Beautiful People.

                                  Just a thought I had about all of you during meditation. Our inner lights are always there, guiding us on our paths, but sometimes … [Read more...]

Yoga Tools: Japa, or Bliss, Breathe, Repeat Good morning, beautiful people. Time for #MondayMotivation to meditate your way to less stress and more bliss. Hard to do if your meditation sessions feel like a mall on Black Friday, so calm those thoughts with Japa Yoga, or Mantra repetition. Focusing on one thing, … [Read more...]