Are You Sitting Down?

Bend Sideways 2

Well, stand up, because sitting too long can kill you! That's why I became a Yoga instructor, and why I created the iTunes app Take A Yoga Break. As I've written about before, sitting for long periods of time contributes to many diseases and scary health conditions. Most recently, I wrote about the … [Read more...]

Take a Yoga Break Interview: Tommy Rosen of Recovery 2.0


Next week, something amazing will happen: a group of Yoga teachers will help save lives. They'll use the ancient practice in a modern way--by going online to speak to people who are struggling with addiction and who want to strengthen their recovery.  Current addiction statistics in America are … [Read more...]

Yoga for Your Feet, Part 2

Tree 1

In the last blog, I sang the praises of my Yoga teachers Jason Ray Brown and Rashmi, who shared their Yoga intel on how the arches in your feet gradually flatten with age, leading to all kinds of sadness and pain in the knees, hips, and lower back. Better still, they told me what to do about it. (To … [Read more...]

Yoga for Your Feet, Part 1

Get happy feet with Yoga props.

As time has its way with us (that bitch), we find our hatha Yoga practice changing. We may need blocks, bolsters, and other props we never needed before. Yoga teaches us not to get all twisted about aging, and we just use the props and adapt. The same should go for your feet, especially when you're … [Read more...]

Yoga Tools: Getting into the Zone

Drawing my way to dharana and dhyana.

You've heard the expressions in the zone and going with the flow, both of which describe that amazing state of being at one with whatever you're doing. It's when you stop thinking and you're in the sweet spot between effort and effortlessness, totally focused, completely absorbed. Professional … [Read more...]

Yoga Tools: Affirmation Meditation

"I am Norman, king of cats... Soon she will give me crunchies... Ommmmeow."

Happy New Year! Has your New Year's Resolution to meditate faithfully every day for half an hour, clearing your mind of all thoughts and OM-ing your way to happiness, failed yet? Good. We all want to meditate more--and we all need to. Meditation has been shown to lower stress, which in turn … [Read more...]

Yoga Hotness: Gingeriffic Tea


As a Yogavangelist--an advocate for saving the world with Yoga--I know Yoga is about a lot more than physical beauty. Having said that, I have to address something interesting that's been happening in the last few years, since I started officially becoming an Older Woman. (The silver hair is the … [Read more...]

Yoga and Recovery

Doesn't look like there are any Yoga classes in Thack's rehab. (Photo: Cinemax)

The other night on Cinemax's intense medical drama The Knick, Dr. Thackery announced that he was planning to find a cure for addiction. It's interesting to watch this show about turn-of-the-century medical practices, some of which seem barbaric now but were almost scandalously modern then. Of course … [Read more...]

Yoga Tools: Sankalpa (Intention)


Today I made a few decisions: I'm getting more rest, even if that means watching fewer episodes of The Great British Baking Show and Gotham on DVR. I'm eating less sugar, saving it for weekends, not every night. And I'm putting my prana (life energy) into faith instead of doubt, starting with a … [Read more...]

Setting An Intention

Start with this, and you'll find your path to positive change.

The beginning of any journey, endeavor, or change is setting an intention. Very rarely do people just blindly change their lives--any revolution, no matter how small or large, usually starts with some sort of declarative statement. I'm doing this. We say it to ourselves, we tell family, friends, we … [Read more...]