The Year in Review

Norman as we met him at the Bideawee. Yes, he's wearing a Santa sweater, because he had to get a shelter shave.

On Facebook, my Friends are doing their year in review in photos. This made me think of what I've done this year, because sometimes I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. Time to make ye olde annual list! 1. I made an app. Like many writers--and people who sit all day--I was scared by the … [Read more...]

It’s time to Take A Yoga Break!

Open Your Heart dude face right

I'm sure you've heard all the bad news about the effects of sitting for 6 or more hours a day--weight gain, increased risk of diabetes and kidney disease, even shortened life span. As someone who has spent her career writing from a chair, as a senior editor at O, the Oprah Magazine, as the author … [Read more...]

Quit Sitting and Stand Up for Your Health!

thigh stretch

You might want to stand up for this bad news: sitting for long periods of time - at work, during our commutes to work, and watching TV - may be as bad for our health as smoking. I've blogged about this before, and this new health issue went national on CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend. Mo Rocca … [Read more...]

The Two-Week Meditation Diet

benefits of meditation

You can tell from that headline that I'm a magazine writer from way back. No, I'm not saying I've found a way to think off ten pounds... Then again, maybe I have. I'm not trying to lose body weight as much as I'm trying to take a load off my mind. I don't have any problems per se, nothing anyone … [Read more...]

Cold Feet Stopping You From Doing Yoga?

chilly yoga

It's too bad New Year's Resolutions are made during one of the coldest months on the calendar, and especially this  January, with not one but two vexing polar vortexes. If you said you were going to start doing yoga this month, you might have cold feet - not about the poses, I mean literally chilly … [Read more...]

Yoga for the BBW (and the BBM!)

Meera Patricia Kerr, author of BIG YOGA.

I recently found a new category of romance novels: BBW, or Big Beautiful Woman. These love story heroines aren't dieting on their way to happily ever after. They attract heroes who want women with something extra - strength, confidence, and happiness in their bodies, just as they are. I love this, … [Read more...]

Feel Great About Yourself in 37 Seconds


Ever look at photos in magazines and feel a little less than perfect? I've worked in magazines for over 25 years now, so I know about the magic tricks that can be done to make images of women who already look beautiful look, well, unreal - in the truest sense of that word. Yet even I still succumb … [Read more...]

Take a (Kitty) Yoga Break

Kitty yoga

If you've been sitting at your desk for a long time, close to an hour or more, follow this cute kitten's example and take a yoga break! Stand with your feet hip width apart. Raise arms overhead. Your hands don't have to meet; they can be shoulder width apart. Inhale a deep breath, and as you … [Read more...]

Jolie Laide: Or, In Praise of Comfy Shoes

Shoes by Fly London. Comfy, cute, not too hard on the eyes or the knees.

The French phrase jolie laide translates literally as “pretty/ugly,” meaning something that isn’t beautiful, but that has its own unique charm. It’s a term I use as a guide for footwear that can be worn without inducing agony, either of the physical variety, or the mortification of wearing comfy … [Read more...]

Reading, Loving: WARRIOR POSE by Brad Willis aka Bhava Ram

Warrior Pose

Finally, a yoga book for guys! I say that because WARRIOR POSE is not your average book about someone finding themselves on the yoga mat. I love yoga memoirs, but this one is different, perhaps because the author was far from being a spiritual seeker who found enlightenment while bent into a … [Read more...]