Creative Pep Talk: Keep Going Starting something new--a book, a piece of art, a 30-day Yoga challenge--can be discouraging. As Papa Ernest Hemingway said, "The first draft of anything is shit." The key to getting better is, of course, not giving up, but that can be hard to remember when you're … [Read more...]

#MondayMotivation: A Prescription for Peace

This message is from Swami Satchidananda, who gave the opening speech at Woodstock, and whose work uniting the world in peace brought him to meetings with Pope John Paul II, Presidents Bush, Carter, and Clinton, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Maybe it seems overly simple. Maybe that's all we need. … [Read more...]

#FridayFeeling: Encouraged!

My #FridayFeeling is very creatively encouraged, thanks to the efforts of one man trying to shut his monkey. Danny Gregory is an author, artist, and host of Shut Your Monkey, a podcast about silencing the inner critic that tries to stop you from being creative. Whether you're writing or making … [Read more...]

#WednesdayWisdom: #Yoga and Success

Here's the setup: It's about fourteen years ago. I'm in Yoga teacher training. I've had four months of studying Yoga poses, anatomy, philosophy, and more. Now I'm in a staring contest with my final exam: teaching a 90-minute class. Minus five minutes of silence during the deep relaxation portion, … [Read more...]

#WednesdayWisdom: Yoga and the Emotions

While doing research for my next book, I found notes I'd taken when I was a young(-ish) Yoga teacher attending a course called "Yoga and the Emotions" at the mothership ashram in Virginia. Among the notes (and diary entries pining, in a very un-Yogic way, for things I didn't have; a big Om Oy) was … [Read more...]

Stealing Time

Three days, the laundry has been in the dryer, waiting for me to fold it. Three days, I've ignored it. Blatantly. Brazenly. I didn't forget, or if I did, I forgot on purpose. I did this because Anne Lamott told me to.  The suggestion didn't come directly from the beloved author herself, though … [Read more...]

Are You Sitting Down?

Well, stand up, because sitting too long can kill you! That's why I became a Yoga instructor, and why I created the iTunes app Take A Yoga Break. As I've written about before, sitting for long periods of time contributes to many diseases and scary health conditions. Most recently, I wrote about the … [Read more...]

Take a Yoga Break Interview: Tommy Rosen of Recovery 2.0

Next week, something amazing will happen: a group of Yoga teachers will help save lives. They'll use the ancient practice in a modern way--by going online to speak to people who are struggling with addiction and who want to strengthen their recovery.  Current addiction statistics in America are … [Read more...]

Yoga for Your Feet, Part 2

In the last blog, I sang the praises of my Yoga teachers Jason Ray Brown and Rashmi, who shared their Yoga intel on how the arches in your feet gradually flatten with age, leading to all kinds of sadness and pain in the knees, hips, and lower back. Better still, they told me what to do about it. (To … [Read more...]

Yoga for Your Feet, Part 1

As time has its way with us (that bitch), we find our hatha Yoga practice changing. We may need blocks, bolsters, and other props we never needed before. Yoga teaches us not to get all twisted about aging, and we just use the props and adapt. The same should go for your feet, especially when you're … [Read more...]