A Month of Mudita

This has been a month full of gratitude, mostly because I've been practicing Mudita, this week's Yoga Tool, without even realizing it. In Yoga, Mudita is described as the unselfish interest we take in other people's lives, and the joy we feel in their accomplishments. In everyday life, it's … [Read more...]

More on Mudita, and How to Keep That Joy Real

Good morning, beautiful people. Some of you asked for clarification on this week's Yoga Tool, Mudita, or unselfish joy in others' success. Last night's presidential debate probably raised some questions (not to mention blood pressure levels). Mudita doesn't mean forcing happiness over success … [Read more...]

This Week’s Yoga Tool: Mudita, or, I’m Actually Really Happy for You

https://youtu.be/ISeFu9MYl1Y Good morning, beautiful people. And happy Monday (yes, it can be!). This week's Yoga Tool is Mudita, or unselfish joy in others' lives, especially their successes.  Right. No, seriously. Sure, we experience pangs of envy when someone gets the great new job, or … [Read more...]

Working with Compassion in Satya, Your Truth

We're still working with this week's Yoga Tool, Satya, or Truth. Meditation allows us to tune into that small but strong voice within guiding us to our truth. Then, we start reflecting that out into the world in what we say and do. But does the truth have to be brutal? No way! In fact, Satya is, … [Read more...]

Yoga Tool: Satya, or Finding Your Truth

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsGOIvSi2yI Good morning, beautiful people. This week's Yoga Tool is Satya, or Truth. Sometimes, Truth has some bad PR; we hear expressions like, "The truth hurts," or "Be brutally honest." None of that is necessary to find your way to the truth that can lead you … [Read more...]

Good Morning, Beautiful People.

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Good Morning, Beautiful Sangha!

Last week's Yoga Tool was Sangha, but I came across an inspirational quote I had to share. It comes from a great sage--Jeff Bridges, aka The Dude. And this is why The Dude abides: He sees everyone as being the same, not separate. Sangha is a community of your likeminded peeps. Now we see we can … [Read more...]

Good Morning, Beautiful People.

                                  Just a thought I had about all of you during meditation. Our inner lights are always there, guiding us on our paths, but sometimes … [Read more...]

Yoga Tool: Santosha, or No, Really, You Can Be Totally Happy, Right Now

https://youtu.be/eo3wyZi65Ag #MondayMotivation to bring more joy into your life and get what you really, really want is...being happy with what you already have. Whaaat? What kind of Yoga Jedi mind trick is this? Well, the best kind. It's Santosha, or Contentment. We're always striving to be … [Read more...]

Good Morning, Beautiful People.

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